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Furniture artist


Murphy, NC

Hi! I'm Kristen. I recreate wide ranges of styles of furniture. Some of my pieces have unique, creative finishes and some are more simple. I enjoy painting both, but I am more known for my blending and faux finishes. I will happily share my techniques, what colors I use, and the tools I enjoy using. I have been refinishing and painting furniture for about 6 years, so that means a lot of playing in paints and stains and learning how it all works. I am ready to share it all with you! Check out my blog posts or find me on social media! I am always down to chat paint.

Read below why I chose to use this technique on this piece,

why it's a great alternative to oil based stains,

          and all of the steps I took to get the look.


Noir Hutch

blog post


Black furniture has to be one of my favorite finishes. It's classy, it's timeless, and it is always in and always fabulous. Check out this tall, dark, and handsome hutch makeover...


Ships to US & Canada!

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