A pallette inspired by Khicktiques' Original Aged Patriotic Finish. 
This Artist Box includes: 
-Pint size of Chalk Synthesis Paint: Republic Red
-Pint size of Chalk Synthesis Paint: Inkwell
-Pint size of Chalk Synthesis Paint: Snow Owl
-Bronze Heävy Mëtal Metallic Paint: 8 oz
-Pint Plus size Wise Owl Varnish
-Black Walnut Glaze 8 oz
Facebook Live Videos of this piece:
Video 1- https://www.facebook.com/1774743712758053/videos/373947847267457 
Video 2 - https://www.facebook.com/1774743712758053/videos/3553137128111212
Message me on Instagram or Facebook for additional product support. I have many "how to use these products" videos on my social media accounts. I'm happy to help and chat paint. 
If you would rather chose your colors, brush options, or finsh options you can check out "Shop Wise Owl" section. Pick and choose what you want to create with!
About Wise Owl paint:
Chalk Synthesis Paint is often referred to as our “chalk-style paint”. It is a clay-based mineral paint that is incredibly smooth with unbelievable adhesion and rich color pigmentation. Our Chalk Synthesis Paint makes painting furniture simple and easy; it’s also perfect for creative blended, layered, or distressed finishes. Be sure to seal your painted furniture with any of our finishing products to protect your paint so it stands the test of time. To take your furniture painting to the next level, try it with one of our decadent Glazes.
A pint (16oz by volume) covers approximately 80sq feet & a Quart (32oz by volume) covers approximately 160sq feet.

Patriotic Bundle