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My First uShip Experience

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that I would receive a very tiny commission from if you decide to order. I took a leap recently that became a game changer for me. I used uShip to send off one of my pieces. Shipping in general can be an intimidating experience. What if it gets lost somewhere? What if it gets damaged? I hear horror stories over and over within the groups that I am in about shipping issues. Heck, I've had my own horrible story. I used UPS over the summer to ship a dresser to a customer, and they completely destroyed it! My art, my heart, and all the love I put into it completely crushed. When they finally admitted their wrong doing they still wouldn't pay for the all of the damages. Only about a third of its worth. A little side note for anyone shipping something expensive with UPS be sure to declare the value on that piece before it takes off!

Anyways...back to my uShip story. I've been researching for awhile now how people safely ship their furniture all over the USA. I read about uShip and the blanket wrapping way. I started feeling good about it. Nervous, but with a slight confidence.

The right buyer came along, asked me about it, and just had to have it. I went to the uShip website and grabbed a quote from the medium range of the pricing meter. She made her purchase, and I was able to list my very first listing on uShip! One small, but heavy, dresser need to make its way 10 hours down the road to it's new home.

I waited. I got a few quotes, but they were twice as much as I had expected. I looked up how much it would cost for me to take it up there and realized it was within our price range. I had convinced myself I would get to take it up myself. Prepping myself for a 20 hour ride. Racking my brain who I was going to ask to come with me when I then received an e-mail that someone had accepted my offer! It had only taken 9 days. (Insert that eye rolling emjoi, haha) They were coming about a week and a half later to pick it up!

I got excited. Made the payment, but there some fees that I wasn't expecting. I decided I would go ahead and cover them this time and just keep them in mind for next time. I went ahead and got insurance, too. Enough to cover what she had paid for the dresser and shipping plus the deductible. Just to let you know what to expect there is about a $25 fee to book and then I think it was about $35 for the insurance.

They texted me a day in advance to let me know when they thought they would be here to pick it up. I ran to the store to pick up that clingy stretch wrap for $25! You can purchase it cheaper on amazon! (Product link should be next to my paragraph here.) They showed up around 10:40p.m., signed all 3 of my bill of landings (my husband said it was an over kill, but I just wanted to be safe), and carried it to the truck without my help. It made it to it's new home the next day! I was completely surprised! They even went the extra mile to help carry the piece to where my client needed it. They were very kind.

I was extremely nervous about the whole process. Handing over a little piece of my heart to hopefully be handled with care. Scared it would end up like my piece that went with UPS, but everything ended up being great!

This experience was great. I'm sure I will have the same anxieties for future ships, but I will be little more at ease knowing what to expect.

I know this got kind of long, but my hope is that it will inspire or give someone else the courage to start shipping their furniture. A whole new world opens up to you when you are not limited to your local yard sale sites. I may have left something out, so If you have any questions about shipping with uShip drop them below. I will try my best to answer.

Here's a little photo of how I wrapped it. Wrapped some of the plastic wrap on it, tore up some old boxes to protect the corners and front edge, and added more wrapping. That plastic wrap is some heavy stuff and will give you a work out! Or I'm just really out of shape XD

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