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Easy, Breezy Blue Finish in 7 steps

Check out this easy, breezy furniture flip - turning a plain brown bench into a cozy blue statement piece for the entryway in just 7 super easy steps!

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I received this bench from a family member as they no longer had use for it. It was missing a door, and they just really did not know what to do with it. I decided I would take it home and give it a fresh new look, so it could keep on providing excellent storage and good seating. I had recently been sent a free sample from Heirloom Traditions Paint of a warm light blue color, French Toile, and thought it would just look wonderful on this piece. This is a no prime or top coat paint, but for this piece I did both. I will share with you why in this post. Read below how I created this easy breezy blue makeover in just a day!




  1. Cleaned

Cleaning is always the first step and this was used everyday when the family came in to take their shoes off and put them in the cubicles. Read my post about cleaning furniture.

2. Filled the holes

This piece had a few scratches and I wanted to fill in the holes where the door (that had gone missing) had screws. I also removed the magnetic hardware and filled those holes. Allowed to dry.

3. Sanded

I scuff sanded the entire piece and once the wood filler was dry I sanded those smooth as well with the fine-grit sanding blocks.

4. Primed

This piece had a slick surface still after sanding, so I decided to prime it. Slick stick was a great option. This stuff dries in about an hour, so I was able to quickly do two coats. This provided the grip my paint needed to stick to this piece.

5. Painted

I painted this with two coats of French Toile Blue from Heirloom Traditions Paint.

The 8 oz sample size covered the entire piece. It had great coverage, and it was easy to use. It is a self leveling paint, so brush strokes were minimum.

6. Distressed

I lightly distressed this piece with a fine-grit sanding block where it would naturally show wear and tear - along the edges and corners. I used a white shade of primer and liked the way it popped through when I distressed it, giving it a layered look.

7. Sealed

After distressing it I wiped away the dust and gave it two coats of Polycrylic Top Coat. I used the spray can because it was fast and easy. This type of paint is strong, durable, and does not require a top coat, but I gave it one anyway because I knew it would have a lot of traffic.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed using this paint. I had tried their other chalk line before this, but this was my first time using the All-in-One. The sample size went a long way, and I was even able to paint the back side. The entire makeover was super easy to get through, and I completed it in just a day.

Overall, I think it turned out to be a sweet little piece with a cozy feel. I put the piece up for sale on our local yard sale side and shortly after had about nine people in line for it. It was definitely a popular color choice. What color would you have chosen for this piece? Let me know in the comments below.

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