A Wise Owl Finish

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One day over the summer after I completed a green and blue vanity I posted in a group on Facebook to get some feedback and help staging. I was nervous and insecure about putting myself out there for people to see my creations. It is a difficult task to do even if it does sound easy. Shortly after, I get a message from a woman claiming to be with WIse Owl asking if I would like to try out some of their paint. Hmm, okay lady... suuuuuure you want to send me paint. Nobody wants to just send me paint. I creep her page for a hot second just enough to make a decision to move forward or block her. Turns out she's totally legit and really kind! I pick my colors Prussian Blue and Antique Villa. I decided to work on a large dresser and nightstand set I found recently. She then wants to know what kind of brush, glaze, and varnish I'd like to try. What? Pinch me. I must be dreaming. I chose a medium round type of brush, black glaze, and a matte varnish.

You guys, this doesn't happen to me. I don't get noticed. I don't get free goodies. I've tried Wise Owl Paints before and loved them. This vanity was actually painted in their paints, but I've never used their varnish or Cling-On brushes, or glaze. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

I started prepping. I had started painting it before with some DIY navy chalky paint, but I wasn't digging it. I used citri-strip to remove it all.

Click to the photo to see how to strip with Citri-Strip

I'd say it cleaned up pretty well.

I cleaned all the residue off. When my package arrived I screamed a little and got to work!

I started with Prussian Blue as my base layer. This paint goes on like butter. I let the base coat dry overnight before painting more layers. I blended Antique Villa into the Prussian Blue. I wanted to give it an ombre look. The closer I got to the top the more Antique Villa I added. The round Cling-On brush made it crazy easy to blend the colors into each other. I did have a spray bottle with me at all times to make sure everything stayed moist. It, also, helped with those fun drippy parts.

Once I got the paint how I wanted I sealed with the Varnish. I applied the same way I do polycrilic. I allowed it to dry overnight then applied the black glaze for more depth. After another day, I sealed with another coat of the varnish. That stuff is truly amazing! It feels thicker than polycrilic. I think I have a new sealer love.

I wanted it to have a beach vibe , so I left the bottoms neked since it was a sandy color already. I used some Lemon Verbena Furniture Salve that I had on hand to seal that part. That stuff smells absolutely fantastic.

My daughter loved them so much she wanted them. They are now currently in her room being loved every day. but y'all.... that Prussian Blue. It's a really yummy color.

I really enjoyed the paints. Always do. I am now sold on the varnish and cling-ons. I just recently ordered my second Cling-On brush, and I can't say enough good things about them. They hold so much paint and the finish is just better. It just is.

I give these products a 5 stars out of 5.

Products Used:

Prussian Blue

Antique Villa

Black Glaze

Matte Varnish

Cling On Brush O35

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