One Hour Enamel

All opinions are my own.

For this project you will need:

Wise Owl Paint just came out with a new style of paint that is suppose to be a big game changer. It is suppose to be a one in all one step paint. No top coat, no worries, and a gorgeous finish. Everyone was raving about how amazing this new line was, and I definitely needed to try it!

Check out this piece I picked up from the thrift store... Well my husband picked up from the thrift store for me. I saw this dresser posted on the their Facebook page and asked him to rush over.

I ordered my paint, and while I was waiting for it to arrive I distracted myself by stripping my new dresser.

When the paint arrived I was able to just go straight to work.

I ordered Black in the One Hour Enamel. I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely adore black furniture. I decided for this piece to just apply the One Hour Enamel without primer. This paint will not adhere to any shiny surfaces, but it clings to bare wood perfectly.

The first thing I noticed was how fast this paint dried. I realized quickly not to go back over it to much. Applying like I would Varnish seemed to work best. As it dried I saw it was a bit streaky. I figured out I wasn't laying down enough paint. With Chalk Synthesis Paint I lay down thin layers. With this new paint you need enough on this brush so it can self level, but not too much that it drips.

Speaking of drips... Be sure to watch while you are working being sure to catch any of them before they dry if you can. This paint dries incredibly hard, and you will not be able to just sand it down like Chalk Synthesis Paint. If you find yourself with a dried drip the best way I have found to remove it is a razor blade, but please be careful!!

This paint does dry rock hard, but I was able to find a method to distress. It is a bit rough, but I use and 80-60 grit sandpaper to distress my piece, smoothing it out with 220 grit sandpaper immediately afterwards, and using a small paint brush to touch up any spots where it went too far.

I used Tobacco Flower Salve on the legs to enhance the beauty of the natural wood. All in all the paint turned out to be pretty easy. It just took a little getting use to as all new things do. I do have to say this paint turned out to be exactly what it says it is. The finish is rock hard, it does not need a top coat, and it is smooth as butter.

I look forward to many more uses with this paint. I love how fast it dries, and how quickly I can get a project done. Flipping furniture just got a whole lot faster!

Here are a few of my tips for this paint:

- Prep your piece well:

This can include stripping as I did and cleaning everything down with dawn and water, OR clean your piece thoroughly and scuff sand. Be sure to rinse any TSP or grease off. These can cause adhesion issues.

-Prime before using OHE

I did not prime on this piece because I was going over raw wood in a dark color. If you are not taking the same route I did scuff sand and prime your piece. Use the Wise Owl Primer in White for light colors and clear for dark colors. Wise Owl Primer is the best for this paint. It was tested together and made for each other. Do two coats. Allow to dry at least 4 hours between each coat, and 24 hours before applying One Hour Enamel. If you are using a dark OHE color and not worried about bleed through with your piece you can paint over the primer once it's dried. You don't to wait the full 24 hours.

-Apply paint generously. Enough on your brush that it is gliding smoothly over your piece, but not so much it is dripping every where.

-You can reapply paint as soon as 30 minutes!!

I was able to squeeze out quite a few projects with one quart. This paint goes a long way. Try some and come back here to tell me how you liked it!

If you ever need any help please feel free to e-mail me. I can help you troubleshoot.

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