5 Reasons Why You Need to Paint Your Walls with One Hour Ceramic

First off, what even is One Hour Ceramic paint?

One Hour Ceramic Paint is a luxury interior wall paint created by Wise Owl. It is an incredibly durable wall and ceiling paint that has a gorgeous matte finish. This line of paint is a fairly new release from Wise Owl Paints which can be intimidating, but you can rest assure if it is coming from Wise Owl it's always going to be top notch. They will not release anything that isn't of quality, and that is one of the reasons why I love this company so much. A company built with true integrity, that is for sure. Wise Owl One Hour Ceramic Paint is often referred to as OHC, and it should not to be confused with OHE which is the abbreviation for One Hour Enamel.

Here is what the Wise Owl Paints website states:

One Hour Ceramic, Luxury Interior paint formulated with ceramic technology for durability.

ONE HOUR CERAMIC is 100% acrylic matte wall paint, formulated with ceramic microspheres that offers superior stain resistance properties. Fingerprints, soil, grease, and many other stains wash off with mild soap and water without harming the film. Recommended for interior walls and ceilings. One Hour Ceramic offers spatter resistant application with unparalleled coverage and wash-ability.

The One Hour Ceramic comes in 25 different colors. So far I have tried White Birch a very light gray, Antique Villa a creamy white, and Graphic Slate a perfect slate gray.

Now you need to know why you need to paint your walls in Wise Owl's OHC right? Well let me tell you why this is my new favorite wall paint and then you will understand why you totally need it, too!

My first reason, my favorite thing about the OHC is that it dries to a matte finish! This luxurious matte finish is perfect for hiding imperfections you may have on your walls. It also disperses light instead of reflecting it. This allows for the most depth of color without sheen while having supreme stain resistance properties which leads us to my next reason for why you should definitely paint your walls in OHC, but first take a look behind this desk at this amazing wall painted in Graphic Slate! I just love the way it came out in this room.

Check out the before, brace yourself it's awful. This is a mobile home rental property, and right now we are working on getting it back in order to be rented out again. Be sure to follow and subscribe to continue to follow along our journey. This paint really gave this wall a glow up with minimal effort.

Now on to the second reason that I am in love with this paint is that you can wash it off with ease! I have three girls who are messy like their mommy. Oops! But I can easily grab a wet paper towel and confidently wipe away any solid spots on the wall, and you don't have to worry about it coming off or loosing its fabulous appearance. The ceramic micro beads in this formula will not absorb stains like other matte finish paints. The strength and scrub-ability is really just fantastic!

Interior Wall Painted with White Birch - Wise Owl Paint Product
Interior Wall Painted with White Birch OHC

My next, and third, favorite thing about this paint it is self-priming! Removing a step of the process is always great news! This paint has the primer built in and will work on all drywall, cured plaster, and masonry substrates. Bare wood or metal, however, SHOULD be primed before you apply this paint. I highly recommend Wise Owl's Stain Eliminating Primer. OHC has great adhesion properties which enhances durability and provides extra protection of the wall. It even is so pigmented just one coat of White Birch, a soft light gray, covered this red!

Previously Red Wall Covered by White Birch OHC - One Coat
Previously Red Wall Covered by White Birch OHC - One Coat

My fourth favorite thing about this paint is that it is self leveling. This making painting so much easier!! This paint has been created to reduce and eliminate any drag which helps to create a more user friendly painter experience. This even gives inexperienced painters an edge and produces professional results.

And my fifth reason I love about this paint is the low odors! This paint has low VOCs making it perfect for any room in your home. This is great if you are sensitive to scents like I am. I hate getting headaches with strong smelling paints. You don't have that with Wise Owl's One Hour Ceramic. This paint has an extremely low VOC at 50 g/l.

Here are a few extra tidbits about this paint:

  • Recoat time 1-2 hours depending on color, climate, and application.

  • Not made for outdoors. This paint has been formulated for indoor use only.

  • Fast cure time! This type of paint usually has better wash-ability and scrub resistance at 10 days rather than other conventional coatings.

How to Apply:

  • Surface must be dry and free of all dust, debris, and loose paint. It will adhere to anything clean, dry and dull. When primer is needed use Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer.

  • Stir thoroughly.

  • Apply with a brush, roller, or spray. For optimal results use a 3/8” nap roller cover. Flow on generously, brushing lightly from unpainted to painted areas.

  • For spray application this product may be thinned with water. Do not exceed thinning with more than one pint of water per gallon.

  • Easy soap and water clean-up.

Cleaning up: Clean brushes and roller in soapy water immediately after painting.

My secret tip: In between coats wrap your brushes and rollers in plastic to keep them moist, such as a plastic grocery store bag. Just wrap them tightly .... Then they will be ready the next time you paint, and you won't be wasting paint by washing it down the sink everyday. Saves you time and product.

The Technical data: Recommended spreading rate is 350 to 400 sq. ft. per gallon. Finish will dry to the touch in approximately 1 hour. Another coat can be applied within 4 hours. Do not apply when surface temperature is below 50 degrees F. Thin sparingly with water.

So are you ready to tackle your walls? Check out my link here for Wise Owl One Hour Ceramic Paints. I can have them sent right to your door! Here's another secret Tell me you in the notes at checkout that you saw my blog, and I will throw in a Free Paint Roller Cover with your order on me & a few samples of other products we have, like the salve!

Be sure to come back to see how my next OHC project comes out! I have just started, and I am going to attempt to create a faux brick wall to make our space a little more cozy. Check out my progress below. You can click the image to see more on my Instagram.

Drop any questions you may have about the One Hour Ceramic here in the comments, and I will help any way I can!

Happy Painting,

- Kristen

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