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Broken Thrift Store Find to Daughter's Favorite Mini Dresser

We went thrifting on Saturday as a family, as we usually do most weekends. Just as we were checking out I turned to see this sad, broken tiny chest, mini dresser? I was not sure what it was indented for, but I knew it was coming home with me. I paid for the items I had, made my way to the little piece, picked it up, and went right back to the cashier. I told her the piece was $8, and I had to have it.

If nothing else, I could try out a new color on it...

Look at it! How pitiful... In reality, it just really needed the track repaired.

What do you think? Would you have picked this piece up?


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Try out a new color I did, Good Bones Paint sent over this fantastic new color Sweet, and it really lived up to its name. Look at how sweet this color is....

Perfect shade for Spring! Don't you think?!

It is described on the website as "a sophisticated coral-pink. Sweet pops in neutral settings and punches up any space with a happy, natural smile."

I think that description is on point. It is a very cheerful color. It has definitely put a smile on my daughter's face and mine!


I started this furniture makeover by removing all of the hardware and placed it in a bag.


Organization Tip: Place all pieces of hardware from the piece and place in a Ziploc bag, box or container immediately after removal. Don't forget all the screws, either! Trust me, you are going to save yourself so much time when you finish your piece. I recycled a plastic bag that a paint order came in.


I then cleaned the piece well. I used Prepper Spray. It's a new multi-use degreaser spray that smells like oranges! Seriously, it smells so good! It cleans so good, too. After I clean with the Prepper Spray I wiped the piece down with warm water.

I am uncertain if anything left behind by the Prepper Spray will cause any adhesion issues, but wiping with water after using will not hurt. Let dry.

After cleaning the piece and making the repairs I prepped further with primer. I used Wise Owl Primer. It is both a bonding and stain blocking primer that comes in 4 different colors. I used the clear, but I recommend the white under light colors if you do not plan on distressing. It will help you use less product, and your color will pop more.



I did two coats of primer and allowed time between coats to dry. I had intended on painting it white but when I received the color Sweet I changed my mind. I painted two coats of Sweet and then blended in Bone in the centers where the pulls would go. Blending is easiest with the chalk type paints. I like to use a round brush when I am blending. I also do not load my brush up too full, and I work the paint until I can see not lines.

It looked like this:

After allowing it to dry for 24 hours, I attempted my first transfer on a piece of furniture!

I used this cute Prima Marketing Re-Design Decor Transfer - Forest, I believe it is called...

This is all of the transfer images with this product. I loved the owls. I thought the owl in the bottom left corner and a few of the flowers would fit quite well with this adorable little piece.

I cut them out, that is an important step I found out. If you think you will just cut it after its on the piece... well I tried that so you don't have to... Cut before and save yourself the headache.

I arranged them randomly on the piece.

I sealed them, and the rest of the piece, with Wise Owl Varnish.

For the final touch I scuff sanded and painted the hardware in Bone from Good Bones paint and sealed, again with the Varnish

Look at how adorable it turned out to be! I think it's rather Sweet.

Ready to create your own project?

Here is a round up of the supplies you would need to create your own sweet piece...

Below are clickable links.

Anything you purchase from Good Bones Paint website you can use the code "KHICK" at checkout to save 15% off your order! All orders over $100 ship free!

Paint your art out,



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