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How to Create an Old Chippy Finish with Stucco Dust

Please note there are affiliated links in this blog post that I may earn a small commission from that helps me create and bring you content. Regardless, the opinions in this blog are of my own.

Anyone else completely in love with that chippy, worn out paint look on furniture? Well here is one of the ways I create a faux Old World Finish without waiting for centuries to go by to weather it.

For this kind of finish you will need:

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So now that we know what we need to work with let's talk about the how...

Your first step is to make a texture mixture out of your paint and your Stucco Dust. Their website says it makes one quart with one packet, or you can mix up some smaller batches for smaller projects that don't need a whole quart. First I pour paint into a separate container and then I add a little Stucco Dust. Keep your ratio inbetween 30% - 50% starting with less adding a little more and mixing each time to get a consistency like brownie batter. You want this to be thick, but not too thick as it will dry up with the paint very fast. I whip up the paint and dust mixture a little at a time and work in sections. That way I don’t waste any of my products. If it gets too think add a little paint or a tiny amount of water.

📌 Important Tip: Leave your self enough paint in the can to add to the mixture for that just in case moment when you have added too much Stucco Dust.

Now for application, apply in a kind of dab all over motion. As it dries a bit you can drag your paint brush over it to create different looks in your texture.

Once you have covered your piece in this textured mixture and it has dried, you may start applying your next coat of paint.

This step is where I painted a coat of Crocodile and after that dried I blended the two of the chalk paints to create a layered look — Colors: Crocodile and Sour.

After all of those layers were dry, I sanded it down with my sander and a 120 grit piece of sandpaper. If you don't want to go full throttle and would rather test a small area with the sandpaper to see if you like it try that first. If you mess up it just paint and you can apply more!

You can use your paints and touch up if you need to! I added a little Crocodile to darken the edges up a bit.

Sanding over those textured areas (where the Stucco Dust & paint mixture was applied) until smooth made it look like several layers of aged paint jobs after decades of wear and tear. That’s how I achieved the chippy look.

If you have any question drop them in the comments below!

Check out this other way you can use Stucco Dust here on my blog! Click Here to learn how to create a raised stencil effect or Click Here to watch the Youtube video.

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Happy Painting!



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