How to Use Wise Owl Furniture Tonic to Seal Your Chalk Style Paints

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How to use Wise Owl Furniture Tonic on Chalk Paints
Furniture Tonic

If you love Wise Owl's Furniture Salve then I know you are going to LOVE the new Furniture Tonic! This is the new and easy way to seal your chalk style paints. In my mind I think of it like the furniture salve but in a more liquid format. It is super easy to apply, and it smells wonderful -- just like our Salve!

It comes in four different scents at this time:

  • Unscented - This is the food safe option. Great for those wooden cutting boards and charcuterie boards. If you are sensitive to scented items this is your best option.

  • Bergamot Lime - This fresh scent features bamboo foliage and green botanicals. The natural, subtle character of it is calming rather than overwhelming. It's a balance between citrus and bergamot essential oil that is well suited for aroma - therapy.

  • Cozy + Currant - A versatile scented holiday inspired furniture salve with wide appeal. This scent has an alluring balance of spicy and sweet, amber and moss. White currant and zesty lemon peel combine with airy ozone before giving way to a botanical heart of juniper and geranium. There is just a hint of peppermint in the base notes to reinforce the tart freshness of this inviting scent. This salve is infused with natural essential oils, including lemongrass, fir needle, orange, geranium.

  • Lemon Verbena - Bright lemon & floral verbena combines in this energizing mixture. With notes of verdant lime, grapefruit & lemon. This scent combines lavender, geranium rose & lemongrass, and undertones of soft woody musk. This furniture tonic is infused with natural essential oils.

With our Furniture Tonic, you can revive, rejuvenate, and protect/seal all in one easy, safe step!


Straight off the WO Website:

"Wise Owl Paints all-natural Furniture Tonic is carefully crafted with hemp oil, natural wax, and essential oils, without nasty fillers or solvents. Our Furniture Tonic has endless applications and uses including over raw or stained wood, seal Chalk Synthesis Paint with it, renew leather, polish furniture and all of your stainless-steel appliances (don’t forget your kitchen sink!), clear up foggy headlights, and even shine up old vinyl in cars. To use simply saturate a cloth or pad with the Furniture Tonic and wipe evenly onto the surface. Allow at least 20 minutes to cure and then wipe away excess. Polish with a clean lint-free cloth."


For my project I painted a three tier shelf that I decided to seal in Wise Owl's Furniture Tonic - Bergamot Lime. The bottle arrives topped with a different lid so that it does not spill during shipping. It will come with the squirt nozzle for you to replace the other lid with. I recommend popping open the nozzle before screwing it on the bottle.

Here is my project. You can see I instantly got the tonic on my bottle. I am very messy by nature, my bad. Anyways, I used the 1.5" Premium Wise Owl Brush to apply the tonic, and I put a good solid squirt of Tonic on to my brush.

Don't fret, it looks green, but it's going to go on clear.

I worked the Tonic to my dried finish using a circular motion, at first, but then I brushed it into the piece in every direction. You want to make sure you hit every space of your area with the Tonic. Making sure to get it into every crevice.

Look at those colors come alive!

I'm obsessed!

After 20 minutes I wiped away the excess. The next day I repeated the process giving me two coats of Tonic to protect my finished piece.

Pro Tip:

Avoid using harsh chemicals like Pledge, Windex, etc. to clean pieces like these (painted, refurbished, etc.) Instead, use a mild soap such as Dawn or keep extra tonic on hand to clean with! You can use a little bit of tonic on a lint free cloth or reapply as we did here in this blog post. This will keep your piece smelling good and looking good.

I love how it came out. What do you think? Are you ready to give the Furniture Tonic a try?

Check this out, I just added a Wise Owl Furniture Tonic and Wise Owl Premium 1.5" Round Brush bundle so that you can easily try this incredible duo.

Click here to try out this bundle!

Let me know in the comments here what scent you want to try!

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