My Favorite Way to Earn Extra Money for More Paint

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Most of the tasks we do on the internet we could be earning rewards for and not many people talk about that. If you are looking to make a little extra money for yourself, birthdays, Christmas, etc.... for me it’s paint ;) ... check out Swagbucks.

When I started having children I knew I wanted to be able to stay at home with them. I started digging into ways to cut cost like couponing and online jobs. I often ran across survey sites, but after awhile of doing too many I would get burned out. On top of that, the payout was not enough compared to the amount of time I spent on a survey and then I found Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is my favorite way to earn extra money. In the past I would exchange my points for eGift Cards for Amazon, but now I use it for Paypal eGift Cards. The new Paypal gift card is basically getting a cash transfer. You can move it right to your bank account or leave it in your paypal. If you leave the money in your Paypal you can buy paint with it and nobody will ever know. {insert evil laugh}

I began using it again when the girls got out of school for the summer in early June. On August 3rd I cashed out with 5000 Swagbucks (SB) and received $50. I only did a couple of surveys, and I found in the Daily Discover section a featured offer for Stash. *Daily Discover is a page full of tasks you can complete to gain SB. Tasks like featured offers, exploring the internet, submitting your grocery receipts, etc.

Featured Offers is a great place to start. What you want to look for is free offers, mostly. I like doing easy free ones that do not require much information about me. Maybe just an e-mail and name. I can do that. I just use my spare e-mail account for those. If you are interested in the big offers where you may have to spend a little money to earn money I recommend the ones with a bigger return than what you have to put into it.

Like Stash, for instance, was a featured offer. It had a large SB return for signing up and adding $5 to my Stash account. This was an app that I had already thought about getting anyway, so why not through Swagbucks. If I am able to earn extra cash by completing a task I already wanted to do why wouldn't I do that? After I added my $5 to my Stash account I got my first month on Stash free (after that it's $1/ month), Stash gave me $20 to invest, AND I received 4500 SB which is equivalent to $45 USD. You did have to keep your Stash account for at least a month. I still have mine, as I want to learn about stocks more. All of the return from that featured offer was worth it to me. As long as the return is worth the reward, or in this case rewards, I say go for it!

-Side Note-

Stash is an app that allows you to get your feet wet in investing. For just $1 a month (the first month is free, so you can test it out.) I can learn how stocks and investing work. I have invested in a few companies, and I was able to earn a little off AMC when all of that business happened. Made a whole $15! haha, I'm rich! But still that's a paint brush, and if you sign up through my link, upload $5 to get started Stash will give you $20 to invest and me $20 to invest! How cool. I highly recommend that app, but this post is about Swagbucks. I will save my love for Stash for another day's post.

Now, let's talk about Swagbucks Surveys. I first like to look at the ones with the least amount of time with the highest payout. I try all of those first, and if you do not qualify you still receive SB for trying. I did a survey recently, and they sent me a free full sized product to try out, and I earned 900 SB for testing and submitting my feedback. Those are my favorite kind of surveys and are always a fun surprise! They aren't all like that, but a couple times a year I run into surveys like that.

We've talked about Daily Discover, Surveys, and Magic Receipts, but there are so many other ways to earn SB including just using their search engine to look up information or photos on the internet. You can earn SB by clicking through their link to retail shops. You get a percent of cash back when you purchase through certain websites, so always start there if you need to make online purchases.

Swagbucks has so many awesome reasons to join and ways to earn. Give Swagbucks a chance. You can even invite your friends to help you earn! What do you have to lose? Enjoy the extra income, and order yourself a little gift.

I hope you have a beautiful day.

Happy earning!


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