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Tall, Dark, and Handsome Furniture Flip

Black furniture has to be one of my favorite finishes. It's classy, it's timeless, and it is always in and always fabulous. Check out this tall, dark, and handsome hutch makeover...

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When I first started flipping things I would literally paint everything black to a point that when I would bring something home from the thrift store my significate other would make the comment, "So are you going to paint it black?" It became a joke, but I started using it less. Every now and then I still love a really good dark black piece, and when I tried Good Bones Paint Noir - I was in love! It is a super rich black that didn't need a top coat.

I found this hutch on Facebook marketplace and received Noir from Good Bones Paint at about the same time. I thought what a perfect match.

Nightstand Before Photo
Hutch - Before Photo


This paint can had a different logo than what they currently have. I love both designs. Here is what it looks like now:


When buying second hand furniture, it is very important to me to clean my pieces. There is even a little vacuum that can be kept in the vehicle that can be used to remove anyone trying to catch a ride to your home, ex. spiders.


Product List:

From Amazon:

From Good Bones Paint: - use my coupon code “KHICK” to save 15% off your entire order! -


Step One - Prep


Cleaning is the most important step to refinishing furniture. Make sure no debris is left behind because the paint will not stick to a dirty surface. There are many options, and it could be as easy as making a solution mix with vinegar, dawn, and hot water. If you are looking for a stronger cleaner I can recommend Dixie Belle's White Lightening...

  • White Lightning will de-grease and remove all debris from your furniture, kitchen cabinets or whatever you want to paint.

  • The "how to use" instructions are right on the front

  • Rinse with water really well when done cleaning

  • Click the bottles below if you need them


After cleaning and allowing to dry - I scuff sanded. For this piece I used 180 grit sand paper. Scuff sanding is done to dull any shine from the original finish so that the paint has something to cling to. It allows for a better grip / a better bond between your piece and the paint. This piece I was painting had a more slick surface like a lot of modern made furniture has.


Because this piece had a slick surface I needed a primer to help the paint to adhere better. Slick Stick is a great option because it dries fast and it really helps! If you are looking to block tannin bleed through or stains I recommend the BOSS primer.

Step Two - Painting

After the 2 coats of primer dried, I could start painting! I was so surprised when I started painting because the coverage was so incredible! I kept thinking am I even going to need another coat? But for the best finish I decided I better go ahead and do two.

This is one coat!!

Oh, soooo good!

Mind Blowing!!

I even painted the hardware. I thought it would be neat to have a completely black piece. I recommend priming your hardware if you are going to paint it. It will help prevent it from rusting. Again, Slick Stick is a good option.


Tips for a better finish:

This paint distresses well! I did a little distressing around the edges and details so they would pop a little more. I love wet distressing shortly after it dries. To wet distress I just use a wet lint free cloth.


This paint dried so quickly I was able to re-coat fairly soon afterwards, and while it didn't require a top coat (because it is a All-in-One Paint) I used Furniture Salve over the top... which is just like a furniture wax.

Wax - Try Teriyaki Sauce: Click Here


The sneak peek I released:

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Here is an up-close view of this fabulous black finish!

What do you think? Interested in giving this paint a try? Comment below if you love black furniture as much as I do!

Ready to shop: CLICK HERE to shop now or the photo below...

Don't forget to use my coupon code to save 15% off your entire order!

We are also hosting a Dark and Spooky Creative Furniture Contest over on @flippinfurnitureartist this month. If you grab this color today you still have time to enter! Last entry date is October 31 @ midnight. We have some really great prizes for first, second, and third place winners. Check it out on or

Paint your art out!

💕 Kristen


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