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Furniture Refinishing

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Faux Finishes

Home Decor

On the... 


 One Day Finish


I created this piece in one day... check out my process and find out what products I used. 

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Cleaning Furniture

Wooden Surface

Prepper Spray

Multi-Use Degreaser Spray

This is an all natural cleaner and degreaser made with Organic Orange Oil that is tough on grease, grime, stains and sticky residue.

I have used this to clean up stripper that I left on a piece for a few weeks. Life happens, but it removed any residue left by the Green EZ Stripper, and it smells so good! Like Oranges!

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at checkout to save 15% off your order!
Orders over $100 ship free!​

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Green EZ

Strip & Clean

Eco-friendly way to strip and degrease surfaces.​


Watch Mark on Wise Owl's Paint Party Youtube Channel  expertly explain prep work and how to use these products.

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Priming Furniture


Wise Owl Primer


This is my go-to primer...


Eliminates stains and odors. Blocks tannin bleeds. Water Based.

Wise Owl Primer is not only an adhesion primer and stain blocker, but it's water based!

More on the Blog...

Primer is an important step to prep work, but when do you need it? What color do you work with? Why is Wise Owl my choice primer? 


Tech Lead

Painting or refinishing old furniture is a great way to for me to save money, make money, and express myself. It is also a wonderful way to reduce waste. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 9 million tons of furniture are tossed every single year! How sad is that?!


Re- imagining furniture is one of my favorite things to do. I hope you will follow along and find some inspiration. 

Furniture Refinishing

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