Good Bones Paint


Absurdly great furniture paint! Non-toxic & great coverage!

Made in Virginia with quality materials, it truly delivers. No priming or sealing required, and it even sticks to glossy surfaces. Distresses beautifully.

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All in One Paint

For this makeover I used Noir from Good Bone's All-in-One Paint line. 

All-in-One colors require no sanding, no priming, and no sealing for easy and colorful paint transformations.


You can seal and sand to distress, etc., for specific looks, but it's not necessary with these specific paint colors.




Good Bones also carries Zibra & Paint Pixie Brushes...

Paint Pixie and Zibra create our favorite brushes for working with Good Bones Paint.

Zibra Brushes


Zibra makes amazing brushes! Their special bristle blend allows the most bristles per brush on the market, which means they hold a lot of paint and give a really smooth finish. This is an all synthetic option. 

Paint Pixie


Paint Pixie is a women-owned company offering a nice mix of authentic and natural bristles that really hold paint and have specially formulated shapes for furniture painters! Their brushes are made in Italy and fall on the higher end of brush investment.

Get the Look


Lately I have been into incorporating raised stenciling in my furniture finish designs. For this desk makeover I tried out the texture paint additive Stucco Dust from Good Bones Paint. I found the Posh Chalk Stencil Victorian Wallpaper stencil on WooduBend’s website. This desk was stripped, cleaned, sanded, and primed before I started any of this work.


Traditional Chalk Line

unnamed (3).jpg

This piece I painted in the color Spruce
It has been sealed in Teriyaki Sauce, furniture wax.

My favorite way to distress this paint is to wet distress it! Just use water and a sponge with an abrasive side and use it like you would sanding paper. Check out my Instagram for more on the subject.

This sweet bench I painted for my daughter, Violet. She loves the color purple, and Good Bones paint color Heirloom was perfect for this project! I blended in just a touch of Bunny Hop pink towards the middle. 

Good Bones Paints are easy to use, great to blend, and fun to create any kind of finish!

The two colors here in this aged blended piece is Crocodile and Sour. I also used Stucco Dust to create that fantastic texture.


More in the
Traditional Chalk Line

unnamed (2).jpg