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Boho Chic on a Vintage Trunk

About a week ago I could only think of a yellow and orange ombré finish. I had just picked up a low boy dresser and had thought of putting the finish on that piece. After sanding and stripping the top of it I knew I had to paint it a different color and show off that gorgeous wood on top. (I will be posting a new post on it soon! It's a very old, very cool piece.)

Anyways, I just couldn't get it out of my mind. A few nights ago at midnight I couldn't take it anymore and had to go upstairs to paint on something! I saw this old trunk sitting there already primed, but I hadn't been able to decide on a color for it. I said, "why not?!" out loud even though no one was in there with me.... I probably spend too much time alone. Anyways, I grab my paint brush, Waverly white chalk paint, Valspar's sample yellow from Lowe's, and Wise Owl's Republic Red. I really used about every type of paint because that's what I had on hand. I mixed up a bit of the yellow and white then added a tiny bit of the red. I started at the base and gradually added in more yellow as i went along. Usually it's great to add a little water to help mix it together, but I didn't really need it this time.

I then decided to add more white. There are tiny slices of wood that come with canvases that have found I love painting with! That is how I added the white to the piece. Adding some here and the with my tiny piece of wood until I felt like it was enough. I really wanted to make it look like it had seen years of chipping paint and fading from the sun, so I distressed it A LOT to achieve a more aged look. I sealed it with Miniwax's Polycrilic Matte Finish. It keeps the finish safe from chipping away any further. I finally finished painting at 5 am! I totally got carried away so much with my painting I didn't realize I had painted through the night. I was having way too much fun, I suppose.

The feet I added, stained, and painted. They have also been sealed with the Miniwax's Polycrilic Matte Finish.

This piece would be great for storage! You can even put a lock on it if you want to keep what's inside hidden or safe.

The back side is mostly the orangey-coral color. It definitely has a beach house or Bohemian look and feel to it. I hope you love the way it came out as much as I do! This piece is for sale! Please check out my Etsy Shop!


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that I will earn a small commission from if you shop through them. Which would make a great difference in my little shop! All the products in this post have been tested by me. All opinions about them are my own.

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