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Fix it and Flip it: Adding the Missing Piece

My first Fix it and Flip it segment where I will go over a repair I have had to do for a piece of furniture. In this blog post I will share how I refinished a dresser that was missing a decorative piece.

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A custom piece came into the shop having seen better days, as they usually do. This particular piece was missing a decorative piece of wood on the left side of the mirror that I needed to fabricate and attach. Shown below with the green arrow.

Here is how I went about it...

Materials needed:

Scrap wood the same thickness as the other side big enough to create the same shape

Piece of Paper

Pencil / Pen



  1. I used the piece of paper to trace the existing piece that needed to be copied, cut it out with scissors, and flipped it over.

The existing side I needed to copy:

The paper copy I made:

2. I used the template I made with the piece of paper and traced the shape on my scrap wood.

3. I used the Jigsaw to cut the shape out while wearing my ppe - safety goggles and mask.

4. I sanded it smooth all over. I attached it with wood glue and small flat metal brackets.

Check out my post about sanding: Smooth Moves: Sanding Techniques for Furniture

5. I allowed the wood glue to dry, applied primer, and painted it with the rest of the piece. Here are the final results:

What do you think of this fix? I think it worked out pretty well for this piece. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about this process.




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