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Fix it and Flip it: Replacing Old Drawer Bottoms

The bottoms of drawers are often in need of repair for so many reasons including stains, holes, damages, or just straight up missing. Replacing the bottoms are a practical way to extend the life of a piece of furniture. Here is how I repair and replace old drawer bottoms to most most of my furniture flips.

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Materials & Tools:

Plywood - the thin one from Lowes is what usually works, but measure your drawer before purchasing



  1. Assess the drawer. What kind of bottom does it have? This fix works well with bottom pieces that slide into notches made at the bottom of the drawers.

2. Measure - A measuring tape can be used for this step, but I just set the drawer on the plywood and drew around. I know it will be too large if I cut to the edge of the sides of the drawer, so I angle the pencil inward to about halfway of the drawer side.

3. Saw - I use the Jigsaw to cut out the plywood I need, while wearing safety goggles and a mask. Use whatever saw you are familiar with to create a good cut along the lines drawn.

4. Then I sanded the edges smooth with a 220 grit. This helps the wood to slide into place easier.

5. And slide it right into the bottom of the drawer where there is a notch on each side and in the back of the front piece.

6. Once I have the wood piece in place I use a small nail and hammer it at an angle towards the front piece but also downward, so that it is through both pieces. Being careful not to allow it to go straight or through the front.

7. I also hammer one nail in the center of the back piece attaching the new bottom, and one on each side keeping it in place.

Glue can also be used, but I prefer nails because it will be easier to change out later . Glue takes a little more effort to remove.

the final results:

Check out this other fix it and flip it post for this piece: Adding the missing piece

What do you think of this fix? The new drawer bottoms worked out pretty well for this piece. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about this process.




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