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Toolbox Essential: Wood Grain the Fun Way

Some days I will feature a new tool to use in furniture refinishing. Right now a popular thing is to create a faux wood grain, and the best tool to create that is a wood grain tool. Using it is like having makeover wizard in your hand. It's great for your pieces that need some life brought back into them. Great on furniture that may not be made of real wood, have had too much to repair, or just need a personal touch to their design. Read on for nine convincing reasons to use this tool, how to use it, and a link to a video and my own projects.

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The Wood Grain Tool & How to Use

This tool will allow you to create a faux wood grain look with the help of chalk style paint or liquid wood. It is made of a soft rubber material with a handle to easily hold. If using with chalk paint try it by applying a layer of paint on your surface and allowing it to dry. Apply a second color and slide the wood grain tool over the surface before it is dry. If it doesn't come out just the right way repaint the area that was just slid through, and repeat the process. Continue over the area until the surface looks like planks of wood. This is an easy tool to work with, even if you are a furniture painter beginner. It takes a little practicing, but it shouldn't take to long to figure out the perfect technique to create the best looking pattern. Try it with various colors and styles to find the most appealing combinations.

9 Convincing Reasons to Use this Tool

  • Cost Effective - this tool offers a budget-friendly option compared to using real wood, purchasing real wood, or re-veneering a piece.

  • Versatile in Design - It allows for the customization of the appearance of furniture to match various wood types and colors, expanding your design possibilities without the limitations of real wood.

  • Upcycling and Recycling - Transforming existing furniture with this tool and technique allows more pieces to be saved.

  • Consistency in Style - Match mismatching pieces by achieving a consistent wood grain style across them making a more consistent look in the home or space.

  • Accessibility of Materials - This technique requires basic materials like paint, brushes and tools making them easily accessible to people who enjoy DIY at any skill level.

  • Environmentally Friendly - It can be a more environmentally friendly choice compared to new wood, contributing to sustainability efforts.

  • Experimentation - Refinishing is meant to be fun, too! This tool will allow you to experiment with a variety of colors and techniques. So many combinations could be made to create a unique and personalized piece.

  • Adaptability of Different Surface Materials : You can apply this technique of pieces that are not only wood but made of metal, plastic, or MDF.

  • Time-Efficient - Compared to other wood refinishing methods, using the faux wood techniques could make for a quicker flip.

Watch the Video

I have created a short video on Pinterest where you can see this technique applied with this tool.

Watch the clip here: Click Here

Other Blog Posts

If you like faux wood looks try out this blog post, though it does not require the grain tool, it is super easy to recreate:


The choice to create a faux wood grain look on furniture offers a blend of cost-effectiveness, design flexibility, and the ability to revitalize or repurpose existing pieces. It's a creative and practical approach to creating the warmth and charm associated with real wood. If you have tried this tool show off your work in the comments below. Like-wise , drop any questions you may have that I can try to answer!




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