How to Create a Faux Wood Finish on Furniture

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This Idea Pin that I created on has been going viral lately! With 189.09k views and 2.91k saves I figured I needed to write a blog post giving you the list of supplies and answer a few questions I have received.

I found this set of end tables at Goodwill for $10 each! Total score, but one of the tables had a missing chunk along the top edge that I had to repair, so staining was not an option. This faux wood grain tool was such a great and fun alternative!

The best thing about this technique is that you can use any chalk type paint that you like.

For this project I used Dixie Belle Products.

The Supply List - All the things I used to create this Faux Wood Grain Table Top:

Click the item name for a direct link to Amazon for convenient purchasing.

-Sand Bar Chalk Mineral Paint

-Coffee Bean Chalk Mineral Paint

-Faux Wood Grain Tool

-The Belle Brush

-Water Mister

and the color I used for the body of these tables:

Vintage Duck Egg Chalk Mineral Paint

First Step

For this set I started with primer. This is my go to primer : click here



After the two coats of primer has dried after 24 hours you can start on you Faux Wood Creations!

My first coat of paint was Sand Bar Chalk Mineral Paint.

You can chose two colors you like! It doesn't have to be the same! Experiment and play in your paint. That is the best way to learn. Dixie Belle has lots of gorgeous colors on Amazon, or you can even use Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paints. I sell them right on my site! Click Here to find the right colors for you!

I used the Belle Brush. It is a round natural bristle

brush that is great for chalk paints and blending. It's easy to hold and to paint with, too!

I allowed that first coat to dry for about 30 mintues to an hour.


This is not normally how fast I re-apply coats of paint, but for this technique I want to work quickly to achieve that distressed look. The distressed look comes from the paint being wet and the faux wood tool pulls some of the paint up. Much easier and faster than using sand paper!

Before I start on my second coat, I use the Water Mister to mist a small amount of water on the

table top to encourage the paints to blend easier.

The second color I chose was Coffee Bean Chalk Mineral Paint. Having two colors adds depth to the grain that you will be creating.

Lay random amounts of Coffee Bean on the table like in the image below.

Then quickly fill in the rest of the surface area with the color Sand Bar and blend by bringing your brush strokes up and down the table top surface.

You want a streaky look like the image below


While you are blending to create this streaky finish keep your brush and paint moist. You can use the water mister to help. Don't over saturate. Just apply a light mist. You want your surface wet.

I did not allow any time to dry before using the wood grain tool.

I held it with my finger extended with light pressure while rocking it up and

down to create the different wood effects. Lining up the new rows with the last edge line.

If you mess up a swipe you can use your paint brush to brush that line

back down and just give it another shot! Chalk type paints are so easy to work with.

This also creates a bit of texture in the paint. when you rub your hand across the surface it will feel like the grain in wood.

And here is the final result of this set.

If you have more questions feel free to reach out!

Did you try this technique? Show me below in the comments! I'd love to see what you create!

- Paint your art out -


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