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3 Step Bone White Furniture Flip

I gave my daughter's bed frame a fresh new update in one weekend! Read below to find the products I used, how I created this look, and final photos! You will even find a coupon code with the product list to save 15% on supplies for your next project!

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Product List

Products from

save 15% from this online store with the coupon code: KHICK

Products from


I found this twin size bed frame for sale on Facebook Marketplace a few years ago for $40. I drove two towns over to pick it up. It ended up not being made of solid wood, but it is a thick sturdy piece with great bones and details!



Step 1: Clean

This became my daughter's bed frame that I had hoped to eventually paint one day. Then that day came.... I started by giving it a good cleaning with Prepper Spray.

This stuff is great. It's an all natural cleaner and degreaser. It smells soooo good - just like oranges. When I use it the whole space smells amazing! It can be a little strong while in use, so I suggest a ventilating the area while cleaning.

I did not know if this cleaner would create any adhesion issues with my paint or not, so I went ahead and rinsed it off with water. I used my Mister Llama to mist water all over my piece and then wiped it back.

I love having this mister around. I like to use it to clean and when I am painting. It comes in handy in the shop.

These shop towels are the best to dry up that water with because they are lint free! Which is exactly what we need for a good finish.

Step 2: Scuff Sand

After all had dried I gave it a good scuff sand with 180 grit sand paper. This was just to degloss the surface even further. It will help with adhesion.

Don't forget your mask! Even if you are dust sanding protect those lungs. I love my RZ Mask. It's comfortable, it keeps me safe, and it's much cuter than the other masks out there.

Step 3: Paint

Then I wiped back the dust from sanding and started painting in an all-in-one paint from Good Bones Paint.

We picked the color Bone - a shade of white. The website says its a "clear, modern white" with "blue undertones."

I don't usually this type of brush when painting furniture. Sometimes I just work with what is closest to me and at that time this brush was there.

If you are looking for good paint brushes that will reduce the look of brush strokes try a synthetic brush. Synthetic brushes are best paired with all-in-one paints. My favorites include: ClingOn Brushes, Dixie Belle Brushes, and Zibra Brushes.


& Save 15%

Use my coupon code: KHICK and the link below to purchase Zibra's synthetic paint brushes. These work so well with the All-in-One Paint from Good Bones Paint.


After each layer of paint dries I gently run 220 grit sandpaper (or a sanding block) over the piece.

This helps smooth out the paint for a softer finish. It also with let me know if there were any areas that had issues from prep. Example: if I had accidentally left some cleaner on the piece then my paint will peel off, and I would know that area would have to be redone. But I didn't have any big issues with this piece, so I wiped away the dust and applied the next coat.

& this is how it turned out! I love this bed frame in white! I love how fresh and clean it looks now.

What do you think?

Are you ready for a fresh update?

I hope you enjoyed this makeover as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Paint your art out!

- Kristen



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