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One Day Furniture Makeover

Sometimes you just want to refinish a piece of furniture and get it over with quickly, I get it. That's how I felt with this piece below. Check out this multi-technique finish that only took one day to create on this furniture makeover.


One beautiful Saturday morning I woke up determined to finish one project... start to finish in one day! This is the piece that I decided to work on:

Nightstand Before Photo
Nightstand - Before Photo

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I decided I would work on this end table. It was small enough to move around easily by myself, and it did not need any repairs. I thought I could easily finish it in one day, so I got to work....

I found this piece and matching dressers at a local thrift store. This set had two other pieces to it, a small sized dresser, or chest, and a long dresser. My mom will be claiming the long dresser, so you will have to stay tuned for that makeover!


When buying second hand furniture, it is very important to me to clean my pieces. There is even a little vacuum that can be kept in the vehicle that can be used to remove anyone trying to catch a ride to your home, ex. spiders.


Products Used for this Nightstand:

I used Good Bones Paint Products for this piece. You can find links above for your convenience. You can also use my coupon code to save 15% off your entire order!

My coupon code is “KHICK

Good Bones Paint has incredible products that I thoroughly enjoy working with. Find the product list for this project below and create your own cool piece!


Step One - Prep


I cleaned this piece with Prepper Spray from Good Bones Paint. Prepper Spray is a new multi-cleaner degreaser. It will remove the stickiest of residues! I just recently used it to clean up stripper residue. I was very surprised how well it cleaned it off.

Prepper Spray smells like oranges and comes in a reusable brown glass bottle.


After cleaning and allowing to dry - I scuff sanded. For this piece I used 120 grit sand paper on my sander following the grain. Scuff sanding is done to dull any shine from the original finish so that the paint has something to cling to. It allows for a better grip / a better bond between your piece and the paint.

Step Two - Painting

The awesome thing about chalk paint is that it doesn’t always require primer. This piece did not have any funky smells, and I am going to be using a dark color.


Check out my post about primer to help decide if it’s something you may need or not: Click Here


For my first layer on this piece I used the color Noir. It is one of the best black paints I have ever used. It’s well pigmented - meaning the coverage is top notch!

I always stir my paint very well before every use. I want everything to mixed so my finish is fabulous, like it’s suppose to be.

Creating Texture

Stucco Dust is a white powder paint additive that can be added to paint to create unique textured finishes. It comes in a bag like this, and you will want to zip it tight every time you have extra to save.

To create texture I added Stucco Dust to my Noir Paint in a separate container.

It will be lumpy like this:

I dab this mixture everywhere I want texture. For this piece, that meant the whole piece.

Dab, dab, dab....

I used the Believe #12 Paint Pixie Brush. I find it works awesome when I am creating textured pieces. Click Here to shop paint brushes! Don’t forget to use my coupon to save!


I used Frog Tape on the edges of this drawer. It didn’t want to come out, and I believe it was because it has been so humid outside. Taping was an easy solution to protect the areas I did not want to paint.

Dab, dab, dab some more...

For the top drawer, I did not create texture. I wanted a different look for the top and top drawer, so I taped off the edges and painted with Mr. Bean chalk type paint.

After the Stucco Dust and Noir layer had dried, I also painted the whole piece in 2 coats of Mr. Bean - allowing proper dry times between.

Instantly feel in love, look how beautiful this shade is...

After two coats of paint, I removed the tape immediately to reveal the natural wood trim.

I can be a bit of a messy painter, so where I painted outside of the lines I gently sanded off with 180 grit sand paper.

After all of the layers of paint had dried I sanded the entire piece.


When I am sanding back textured paint like this I like to first sand with 120 grit and then a 180-330 grit. The 120 will sand back that Stucco Dust layer and the black will show through the coats of Mr. Bean. The 180-330 will make it smooth.


After sanding I wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

It’s always hard to photograph dark colors, but I love how it came out. The Stucco Dust & Noir mixture really added some character to this piece. This kind of project and be sealed and protected by top coating with wax or varnish.

Wax - Try Teriyaki Sauce: Click Here

Or Scented Furniture Salve: Click Here

Varnish: My favorite to use is Wise Owl Varnish if I need to clear coat my piece. You can find it right here on my website: Click Here

What do you think? Are you going to give this finish a try? Comment below and let me know, or you can tag me on social media, so I can see your piece!

Want to see what other finishes you can create with Stucco Dust? Check out these pieces below. Click the photo for the blog post.

Paint your art out!

💕 Kristen


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